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Outdoor On Wall Loudspeaker

Model: OS57

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Attractive, rugged and sonically accurate, our On Wall Collection of loudspeakers can be used in any outdoor environment to fill an area with beautiful sound. On the wall, attached to a pillar or under the eaves, sound can be projected across the deck or around the pool. Highperformance drivers and passive radiators produce an impressive frequency response and allow homeowners to enjoy the same fidelity they experience inside the house.


Our Outdoor On Wall Loudspeakers are the best in class when it comes to audio and installation enhancing features. The rectangular driver and passive radiators on our OS6 series produce serious low-end while remaining aesthetically refined, and the 2-way design on our OS5 series offers realistic audio with an even smaller footprint.


All of our OS speakers enjoy an IPx7 rating, which means they could be submerged in up to three feet of water and still perform. So regardless of the amount of moisture in the air, these speakers will last.


When selecting the coloration of our 70v/8-ohm rock-style loudspeakers, we took exceptional consideration when considering our options. The result is not only a natural design but a color scheme that works great with most colors of rock.

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