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Conferencing Excellence Yamaha ADECIA at the Yealink Customer Experience Center

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Conferencing Excellence Yamaha ADECIA at the Yealink Customer Experience Center
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In the era of seamless remote collaboration and communication, business and education are constantly seeking innovative solutions to improve the experience of learning, virtual meetings presentations and discussions.

Large conference rooms and classrooms pose unique challenges for AV management, where it’s vital that both the audio and video for participants are of the best quality, ensuring all participants are both clearly seen and heard in spaces which may see a variety of uses and layouts. Systems also need to be easy to use and certified for platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.


Complementing Yamaha’s advanced audio conferencing technology, Yealink’s expertise lies in its innovative camera solutions, which offer exceptional clarity and flexibility. At Yealink’s Customer Experience Center in Dallas, a Yamaha ADECIA Ceiling Solution is partnered with the Yealink UVC86 4K dual-eye intelligent tracking camera and Yealink AVHub to demonstrate the combined technologies.

The ADECIA Ceiling Solution delivers crystal clear audio, ensuring every participant’s voice is captured with precision. The system’s centerpiece is the RM-CG ceiling array microphone, which features four dynamic beams to pick up voices throughout the room. Its advanced adaptive technology adjusts settings in real time, eliminating background noise and echo, enabling natural conversations even in challenging acoustic environments.

The ADECIA Ceiling Solution also includes three other Yamaha products; the RM-CR signal processor, the SWR series intelligent L2 switch and VXL Series ‘P model’, Dante-enabled, PoE line array speakers.

Working seamlessly with the ADECIA system, the Yealink UVC86 features a panoramic camera to detect participants in real-time and a PTZ camera to capture the best picture of everyone in the room. It relays high-resolution video to ensure that remote participants clearly see every detail, while the Yealink AVHub allows multiple cameras to be simultaneously enabled, providing different views and making it much easier to reconfigure the space for different uses.

In traditional conferencing environments, the audio must be adjusted with each new layout. ADECIA conferencing solutions solve this issue by creating and storing configuration files for all peripherals as presets, allowing users to quickly and easily recall them when the environment changes.

“The Yamaha-Yealink combination is a gamechanger for multi-purpose rooms. Because the ADECIA system can create instantly-recallable presets, our joint solution makes it much easier to divide and combine rooms,” says Stephen Richards, Director of US Strategic Sales at Yealink.

This functionality works with any combination of ADECIA microphones. In addition to the RM-CG, the Yamaha RM-TT tabletop array microphone and RM-W series wireless microphones can also be used.

Combining the Yamaha and Yealink technologies creates an enhanced speaker tracking system for Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings. The joint solution not only enables presenter tracking and speaker tracking, but also includes technologies like adaptive echo canceling, automatic gain control, noise reduction and dereverberation, to give remote attendees an immersive video and audio experience.

Both companies are excited about this partnership, recognizing the unique strengths that they each bring.

Sotaro Nishida, CEO of Yamaha’s Unified Communications division says, “At Yamaha, we have always been driven by a passion for audio innovation. Partnering with Yealink, a leader in visual communication technology, allows us to create a holistic conferencing experience that goes beyond what either of us could achieve individually.”

Yealink’s Stephen Richards agrees, adding, “Our collaboration with Yamaha is a true marriage of exceptional audio and video technology. The combined solutions offer our customers an unparalleled conferencing experience, which sets new standards for audiovisual quality, ease of use and compatibility - particularly in combine and divide room settings.”