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Quick Turnaround, Custom Capabilities Lead to Success

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Quick Turnaround, Custom Capabilities Lead to Success
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Domes AV had a real problem, and time was running out. The Virginia Beach, Virginia, member of the HTSA trade consortium wanted to replace the store’s blackout demo window shades.

“We had a store event planned in 3 weeks,” said Domes President Lee Whedbee. “Draper was able to help me through the design/ordering process AND get the shades delivered days before the event!”

Whedbee and Domes AV had worked with Draper several years before, but it was a chance meeting with Tom Brochard, Draper Residential Regional Sales Manager – Northeast U.S. at CEDIA 2022 that brought the two companies together again.

“We were extremely impressed with Draper when we went to CEDIA,” said Whedbee. “Tom took us through the booth and by the end of our conversation I was convinced we wanted to work with Draper. We worked with you years ago but had no idea of the depth of your abilities.”

In addition to wanting to replace the shades for demo purposes, Whedbee also wanted them custom printed with the various home technology solutions offered by Domes AV.

“The shades look great and are legible from the street,” Whedbee said. “At the event people were coming up to us, saying that they were not aware we carried and installed a lot of the products and systems we represent, and this was from the signage.”

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